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Short Film Screenings 2024

The following films will be screened during the Albany Film Festival in the Campus Center West Boardroom. 


Short Film Award winners to be announced at the Ironweed & Short Film Award Ceremony in the Campus Center West Auditorium on April 6th at 6:00 p.m.

Dramatic I

10:30 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. 

An Occurence .jpg

An Occurrence

Directed by:

Dien Vo

Dramatic Short Film

A distant, culturally-mixed family attempts a ceremonial day together. Lifelong emotions surface through small gestures, while the world around them keeps changing and carries on.

Dead Drop

Directed by:

Benjamin Reeves

Dramatic Short Film

When the FBI exposes a spy cell in New York, a Russian sleeper agent faces a deadly choice between her own freedom and her mission.

Philadelphia Bound.jpg

Philadelphia Bound

Directed by:

David Pisani

Dramatic Short Film

When fate provides Tommy with the chance to finally move out of the old neighborhood, he must decide if he is willing to leave behind everything he has ever known and loved.

BestDramaticShortFilm-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg
The Journey.jpg

The Journey of Malcolm Miracle and Dave

Directed by:
J. Anthony Roman

Dramatic Short Film

This film is an urban fantasy that deals with second chances, hard changes, prison, and pro wrestling!

BestOverallShortFilm-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg

Dramatic II 

12:00 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.



Directed by:

Rachel Patrice

Dramatic Short Film

A man makes a journey through Washington Square Park to discover himself through a keepsake. 

Letting Go.jpg

Letting Go

Directed by: 

Pamela Gebhard

Dramatic Short Film

A story of a typical breakup with a bit of a twist, Letting Go is a short film about two lovers who feel at their rope's end with their relationship. Except, one isn't so much so.

Maybe in another Life.jpg

Maybe in Another Life

Directed by:

Iniabasi Nelson

Dramatic Short Film

In his final attempt to heal, a grief-stricken, distressed man enters an experimental program that forces him to confront dark truths.

Midnight Chrysalis.jpg

Midnight Chrysalis

Directed by:
Camren Missimer  

Dramatic Short Film

A teenage girl who is burnt out and doesn't succeed as much as her past self.

BestOverallStudentShortFilmHonorableMention-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg


Directed by:

Maia B Kromer

Dramatic Short Film

A shapeshifter loses their powers, but learns how to control their appearance in the ways that they can.



Directed by:

Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid

Dramatic Short Film

A female chef attempting to make a romantic connection fights dark impulses as memories of her mentally ill mother bleed into current-day life.

The Hollow.jpg

The Hollow

Directed by: Yvonne Trobe

Dramatic Short Film

A retelling of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, set in Columbia County, New York with filming on location at sites associated with Washington Irving and the original story.


1:30 p.m. - 2:15 p.m.

Applicant 101.jpg

Applicant 101

Directed by:

Alex Zaghloul

Experimental Short Film

A dark and suspenseful thriller, this short film explores the psychological toll of a job interview where patience and adherence to instructions are paramount for the protagonist's sanity.

! .jpg


Directed by:

Elaina Couse

 Experimental Short Film

Inspired by the director's difficulty in beginning tasks, and the resulting whirlwind of manic work that she inevitably puts herself through just before a due date.  

BestExperimentalShortFilm-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg
Electric Wasp.jpg

Electra Wasp

Directed by:

Wasan Hayajneh

Experimental Short Film

 An experimental animated psychobiography about the death and life of trailblazing pilot Amelia Earhart. It is a retrospective of her emotional world and an exploration of what drove her to pursue her passion for flying.



Directed by:

Azriel Chavez

Experimental Short Film

The emotions of a touch-sensitive boy expressed through surrealism.

Masked Macabre.jpg

Masked Macabre

Directed by:
Tom Walsh

Experimental Short Film

A woman condemned to death escapes.



Directed by: Dylan Ferrara, 
Max Greenblat

Experimental Short Film

When he forgets his password, he must venture deep into his memory to retrieve it.



Directed by:

Jacob French

Experimental Short Film

A theatre actor struggles with life between gigs.

On Pedestal.jpg

On Pedestal

Directed by:

Maya Rosenthal

Experimental Short Film

Three figures of the past, present and statue find what legacy means to them within the art world.



Directed by: Saige Kanik

Experimental Short Film

Jamie gets a moldy sandwich for lunch. Pepper the Panda learns how to keep food clean!


2:30 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Better Luck web.jpg

Better Luck Next Time

Directed by: Lexie Zanghi

Comedic Short Film

After experiencing a breakup, Lana wants to get back into the dating world, this time online. After endless swipes and matches, does she find love at first swipe?

Don't Be A Weenie.jpg

Don't Be A Weenie

Directed by: Milla Benadony

Comedic Short Film

Greg must carry on with his family's legacy by competing in the annual hot dog eating competition, leading to issues in his marriage.

Earth Day 2030

Director: Joe Murphy

Comedic Short Film

Hot Soda.jpg

Hot Soda

Directed by:
Nello DiGiandomenico

Comedic Short Film

Outraged over the approval to double the fracking operations devastating her hometown, a young woman is forced by her sick father to serve the fracking company’s CEO when he dines at their failing restaurant.

BestOverallShortFilmHonorableMention-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg


Directed by: Taylor Becker

Comedic Short Film

After receiving news that his vacation request had been denied, a burned-out employee deals with the repercussions of having the audacity to ask his manager for some time off.

BestComedicShortFilm-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg

Earth Day 2030

Director: Joe Murphy

Comedic Short Film

Tails Side Up .jpg

Tails Side Up

Directed by: Elijah Gaddy

Comedic Short Film

After picking up a penny with its tails side up, a young man on his way to work has a ridiculously unlucky morning


4:00 p.m. - 5:15 p.m.

Invisible Targets: The Rise of AAPI Hate Crimes

Directed by: Devin Kennedy

Documentary Short Film

America's Asian population has endured continuous hardship and discrimination, being branded as a "model minority" during peaceful times and facing racism during crisis.

Pins and Needles.jpg

Pins and Needles

Directed by:

Claire Beseler

Documentary Short Film

In a private tattoo studio, a filmmaker experiences the wonder of human connection.

Pizza Dreams.jpg

Pizza Dreams

Directed by:

Alexander Campo

Documentary Short Film

Michael Graziano was my great-grandfather. This is the true story of my development as a chef and as a man told through our shared canvas: pizza.

BestOverallStudentShortFilm-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg
Que Sera.jpg

Que Sera, Sera: The Bert Weinberg Story

Directed by:

Leo Rosenblum

Documentary Short Film

Bert Weinberg shares his outlook on life, and his personal secrets to being happy and enjoying his everyday life through the lens of a person who got a chance when so many others didn’t.

The Boricua's Dilemma.jpg

The Boricua's Dilemma

Directed by:

Sebastian Nazario-Colon

Documentary Short Film

Explores the history of U.S. colonialism and the political status debate in present- day Puerto Rico through the lens of three politicians and three civilians.

BestDocumentaryShortFilm-AlbanyFilmFestival-2024 copy.jpg
Without Shame, Without Stigma, Without Fear

Without Shame, Without Stigma, Without Fear

Directed by: Liam Shields

Documentary Short Film

Sue Perlgut, an activist and filmmaker, shares her experience having an illegal abortion pre- Roe v. Wade. We explore the work of local activist group “End Abortion Stigma.” 

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